All about Windows 11’s Latest Backup App: A Complete Guide

Microsoft offers a free backup app for Windows 11 and Windows 10, allowing users to back up their data. This app, however, has limited flexibility and is mainly useful for those who utilize OneDrive as their backup destination. Those without a Microsoft account or who prefer not to back up to OneDrive will not find this app beneficial.

Microsoft’s aim with this app is to expand backup and synchronization options for Windows 10/11. Similar to Apple’s macOS and iOS/iPadOS, users can protect themselves from data loss caused by ransomware and sync data and settings across multiple PCs using this new app.

The new Windows Backup app can backup various folders to OneDrive in parallel with other backup options, including the classic Windows 7 backup in Windows 10 and Windows 11. It must be noted that this new app can only backup to OneDrive, while the classic app supports data backup to external drives or the network.

Users can continue to sync a local directory with OneDrive, and all three options (OneDrive, classic backup, and Windows Backup) can run in parallel. These provide flexible backup methods for Windows workstations and are particularly useful when migrating to a new PC or operating system.

When using the Windows Backup app, users will be able to check the folders covered by the backup and view the storage space required in the cloud. This app also syncs settings and the app list of the PC with the cloud.

To customize the backup settings, users need to access the Windows settings and navigate to “Accounts > Windows Backup.” Here, they can manage synchronization settings and choose which local folders to backup to OneDrive.

Notably, the Windows Backup app can also provide protection against ransomware. By synchronizing data with OneDrive, users can restore files in the event of a ransomware attack. The app seamlessly integrates with the Windows Security app, inheriting its ransomware protection options.

Overall, the Windows Backup app offers a simple and quick setup for users with a Microsoft account who are willing to back up their data to the cloud. It proves to be a useful backup and synchronization app with built-in tools.