6 Free Methods for Capturing Computer Audio: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the key takeaways: To record audio on a Windows PC, there is a built-in sound recorder for Windows 10 that can capture microphone sound with ease. Stereo Mix can be used for older Windows systems, while open-source recorders like OBS and Audacity require a learning curve. EaseUS RecExperts is a professional audio recorder that can capture internal and external sound without background noise.

Recording computer audio is helpful for podcasts, interviews, streaming music, and more. This post will explore computer audio recorders and provide step-by-step guides for recording sound on a computer.

Method 1: Use EaseUS RecExperts to record audio from your system and microphone. It’s easy to use and provides advanced features like AI noise remover.

Method 2: Use Windows Sound Recorder on Windows 11/10 for simple sound recording tasks without the need for editing.

Method 3: Use Stereo Mix on Windows 7 and earlier to capture sound from your computer, such as music and songs.

Method 4: Use Audacity for free professional audio recording and editing for producing songs and podcasts.

Method 5: Use OBS Studio for advanced audio recording and streaming on various platforms, with options for adjusting audio bitrate and sample rate.

By following these methods, you can easily record audio from your computer system and microphone.