5 Unique Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

The Raspberry Pi is a widely popular single-board computer with over 45 million units sold, making it the best-selling British computer of all time. It attracts beginners and novices with its affordable price, but many newcomers struggle to find the best projects to get started with the tiny board. This article provides guidance on the top beginner projects for using the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi 4, the predecessor of the latest generation Raspberry Pi 5, comes with a powerful Broadcom processor, making it suitable for building a tiny Linux PC. All you need are the Raspberry Pi OS, a microSD memory card, and a second computer to download and install the operating system. The next project suggested is setting up Network Attached Storage (NAS) with a Raspberry Pi, which provides centralized data storage in your own network cost-effectively. To create a NAS, you will need a Raspberry Pi, an external hard drive or USB memory, a microSD memory card, a housing for the Raspberry Pi, and a power supply unit. Finally, the article suggests using a Raspberry Pi and the free software Pi-hole to block unwanted adverts at the network level, creating an ad-free home network. Please note that this option may impact traffic and privacy, so users should be aware of its implications.