5 Simple Ways To Prevent Your Cell Phone Cable From Getting Damaged

Pen springs, cornstarch-based gums, and so on. Follow our list below and choose the best cable protector for you.Check out 5 simple ways to prevent your cell phone cable from getting damaged or use a cable protector such as 5-channel cable protector:

Pen Springs

You know those pens where you have to press the tip so that the tip appears? Inside them is a kind of spring, perfect for preventing your cell phone cable from ruining or continuing to ruin it, in case it already has some damage.As most cable defects happen at the ends, this spring works as a great coating.

Corn Starch + Silicone

It sounds bizarre, but the little mixture ends up resulting in a flexible mass that can be molded around the cable to protect it and prevent it from spoiling. The finish is not the best when it dries, but the putty does the job efficiently.

Cable Protectors

Cable protectors are great bets if you are a more organized person and don’t like hacks. They are cheap and can be found on the internet.In addition to being cute, they cover the ends of the cables, which are the most problematic areas, but leave a better final look than the cornstarch with silicone gum; we’ve taught you how to do it before.

Insulating Tape

If you don’t have one at home, it can be found, for a reasonable price, in stores that sell building materials. As the name suggests, this black tape is insulating, and if the smaller wires inside the cable are also exposed, the tape prevents you from getting shocked. But the downside is that electrical tape is not so strong, and it can be good to associate this method with the pen spring method.

Heat Shrink Tube

Another option that is also cheap and that prevents the cell phone cable from getting damaged is these tubes.As they can be found in several colors, the final appearance of the cable is very interesting, but the application is not very easy: you need a lighter to heat the material and make it adhere to the original shape of the wire. This link showsprecisely how to place the tube on the wire.